Assisted Living with care in Yuma, Arizona.

“Assisted living provides a good balance for individuals who need some assistance throughout the day, but who want to remain as independent as possible.”

There are many valid reasons to consider assisted living, with each holding a different value. Assisted living provides a broad range of services and your decision to consider making a move will depend on both your present and future needs and the timeline in which those needs must be met.

Here, at Dignity Care Home, our primary goal is to help enhance the quality of life for our residents. We offer a creative balance of physical wellness programs and social interactions. Because this is our passion, we are dedicated to providing a comfortable, friendly, and loving environment with expert care.

When is it time for Assisted Living?

· No longer able or having difficulty performing daily tasks, such as grooming or preparing meals.

· Needing reminders to take medication.

· Loss of mobility or increase in falls.

· Signs of neglecting household maintenance.

· Noticeable weight loss or weight gain.

· Increased isolation.

· Loss of interest in hobbies or activities.

On-going Care

24/7 Assistance
Long term living arrangement(s)
Complete & Personal hygiene assistance
Regular Housekeeping + Linen Service

Wellness + Nutrition

Scheduled Meals & Healthy snacks
Regular wellness check-ups
Medication Management


Planned Activity Schedule
Fun + Fitness
Walking path and sitting areas

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